AmeriChoice Radon Testing, Inc. provides accurate and high quality commercial radon testing for all of Illinois.

AmeriChoice Radon Testing, Inc. has professionals that are licensed by Illinois and nationally certified to perform commercial radon testing for multi-family housing communities, and are experienced with HUD subsidized properties and the additional requirements associated with radon testing HUD properties. 

Multi-Family Building - Commercial Radon Testin

We are committed to provided accurate results that are in the interest of both the property owner and the tenants. Every commercial radon testing project has an electronic device deployed to each site being tested in to make sure that there has been no weather interference during the test period. We capture barometric, temperature, and humidity data, and review that alongside the radon levels to make sure that the results are accurate. Additionally, we staff a nationally certified radon compliance officer, and every report is reviewed by our officer before being published.

Loft - Commercial Radon Testing

A commercial radon test is much more than just dropping a box and getting a number. There are a number of factors that can affect the levels of radon detected in a building, such as HVAC, structural defects, and occupancy. AmeriChoice makes all efforts to reduce these factors affecting the radon results of the test.

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